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The Creation of Our Club

Unlike most car clubs that are exclusive to one brand (i.e., Porsche, Ferrari) or one model (i.e., Corvette), or one class (i.e., muscle cars or street rods), the club founders set out to create a club that was a sports car club in which a sports car was defined to be any car with two (2) doors and designed for speed and performance. We also set out to create a social car club where the vehicles may bring us together, but the members keep us together.

In late 2020 after a series of exploratory meetings, we decided to form a social sports car club. It was agreed that the size of the club was not as important as the character of the individual members. We decided to limit our size to 30 memberships (60 members). Once this milestone was met, the board would determine our annual growth with input from the membership. We sought/seek to want new members that could easily assimilate into the club and become an integral part of club operations/events. We also agreed that prospective members must have a sponsor, which typically means that an existing member has to endorse the prospective new member.

We initially held our monthly meetings in the Island Walk Community Center. To enhance our meeting space, integrate technology into our meetings, and be more centrally located for our membership, in September 2021, we relocated our monthly meeting venue to the Community Meeting Room at Venice Police Headquarters.

We are pleased that our club has steadily grown in memberships and the diversity of sports cars that comprise our corral, and we look forward to the future.

Ken Maher, Founding Member & President

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