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January 2022 Meeting

January 2022 Meeting

Shark Tooth Sports Car Club

January 12 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Attendees: Ken and Kathy Maher, Ron and Linda Wencil, Bill and Dawn Mendes, Bill and Gayle Jereb, Alex and Renata D’Angelo, Tom and Geri Moore, Rich Gruenberg and Judy Umbreit, David and Bobbe Lytle, Rodney Pennington, Gary Spinazze, Michael and Cristina Papson

Guests: Allan and Jan Kaczyk, Al Mahan

Opening Remarks and President Report:

Ken Maher called the meeting to order.

A motion was made to approve the November meeting minutes. Bill Jereb approved and Bill Mendes seconded the motion for approval

Special Presentation:

Ken did a presentation regarding no fault auto insurance.

Administrative Matters:

We currently have 19 memberships with a total of 38 members and 29 cars. Please let Bill Mendes know of any changes to your membership

Any event host should send pictures of the event to be posted to the website

Send Ken your birthday and anniversary information

The January meeting PowerPoint presentation is attached as an exhibit


Please see the treasurers report in the PowerPoint presentation for financial details


Please see the Quartermaster report in the PowerPoint presentation for shirt and embroidery pricing

Social Events:

Please see the social events pages in the PowerPoint presentation for upcoming events

Car Shows:

Dave Love provided a list of local car shows. Please see the vice president report in the PowerPoint presentation for details

Now You Know:

There was not a Now You Know done in the meeting

Know a member:

Bill and Gayle Jereb gave their personal story. Tom and Geri Moore will report in February

Next Meeting:

The next meeting is February 9th

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