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September 2023 Meeting

September 2023 Meeting

Shark Tooth Sports Car Club
SEPTEMBER 13, 2023 Meeting Minutes

STSCC attendees: Ken and Kathy Maher, Dave and Janice Love, Bill Mendes, Ed
Cashman, Alex D’Angelo, Rick and June Dilella, Rich Gruenberg, Steve Iannone,
David and Bobbe Lytle, Phil Mannino, Roger and Margo Maple, Ron and Linda
Wencil, Gary Westfall and Margaret Barcelo, Rodney and Linda Pennington,
Tom and Carol Rossi.

Guest attendees: Al and Jo Ann Royal, Skip Ackerman and Cindy.

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by club president Ken Maher and
commenced with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Post Meeting Dinner:

 Dinner following the meeting will be held at Gold Rush BBQ.

Club Leadership: Presented by Ken Maher.
 It was announced that both the VP and Treasurer positions will be opening
in January 2024. Current VP Dave Love is interested in running for another

term. Current Treasurer Tom Lupica will be stepping down. Any members
interested in running for either position should let Ken know by the end of
September. Please see the Power Point presentation for a complete listing
of all the current members in both elected and appointed club positions.

Club Partners: Presented by Ken Maher.
 No change. Please see the Power Point presentation for a complete listing
of all current club sponsors.

Membership Director Report: Presented by Bill Mendes.
 No changes. The club remains at 25 memberships, 50 members, and 39
 In anticipation of any potential decrease in current membership, Bill
presented a recruiting flyer he has developed for the club.
 Copies of the “Member Welcome/Handbook” Bill developed were made
 Please see the Membership Director Report in the PowerPoint presentation
for membership details.

Guest Speaker:
 Frank Quinones, General Manager for Renn Haus.
 A brief history of the company, its current composition, and ongoing
expansion with two new locations coming was presented.
 They work on all European, exotic, performance, and “cool” cars.
 They have state of the art equipment and technicians trained and
knowledgeable on all the cars they deal with.
 They do complete maintenance including tire installation and alignment.
 They provide a 3 year or 36,000 miles warranty on all parts and labor.
 They perform Pre-Purchase Inspections.
 He discussed how the ever increasing computer technology in newer cars
is providing drivers with highly desired features, but does result in heavier
cars with increased maintenance costs.

 He mentioned extended warranty programs for cars, and recommended
that before purchasing one, check it out closely. As there are some good
ones, but also some that don’t provide what most people are expecting.

Secretary Report: Presented by Ed Cashman.  
 A motion to approve the July 12, 2023 minutes as posted on the website
was made by Bobbe Lytle and seconded by Steve Iannone. Motion
approved by voice vote.
 Please see the Secretary’s Report in the PowerPoint presentation for

Benevolent Committee: Presented by Ron Wencil.

 Thank you notes were received from the Chamber of Commerce, South
County Food pantry, and the Venice Theater for the club’s donations.
 Introduced Naomi Copeland, President of Southwest Florida Honor Flight.
 Ms. Copeland provided the history of the Honor Flight program, originating
in May of 2005, originally to provide veterans of WWII an opportunity to
visit the new WWII memorial.
 Now a 100% volunteer non-profit organization to honor all US veterans by
transporting them to Washington DC to visit and be honored at their
respective memorials.
 Ms. Copeland was presented with a $500.00 donation from the club for the
Honor Flight program.
 The Benevolent Committee recommended that the club’s October 2023
donation of $500.00 go to the Southeastern Guide Dogs of Palmetto, FL. A
motion to approve was made by Kathy Maher, seconded by Bobbe Lytle
and approved by voice vote.

Quartermaster Report: Presented by Margaret Barcelo.

 Nothing new to report.

 Please see the PowerPoint presentation for current status.

Treasurer Report: Presented by Tom Lupica. 
 The club’s financials are in good order.
 Switching from Intuit QuickBooks to online has saved the club $250.00.
 Please see the Treasurer’s Report in the PowerPoint presentation for
financial details.

Social Events: Presented by Janice Love.
 Ken Maher was asked to talk about the August Viking River Cruise which
several club members attended. It was reported that all attendees had an
enjoyable and memorable experience.
 Janice reviewed recent past club social and dinner events and listed
upcoming events. Please see the PowerPoint presentation for details.
 A weeklong road trip including a stop at the National Corvette Museum in
Bowling Green, KY is being planned for May 11-18, 2024.
 Janice will organize a gathering of club members to welcome returning
Honor Flight local veterans on Oct 10 th .

Social Media: Presented by Ken Maher.
 Please see the PowerPoint presentation for information on how to follow
the club on Instagram and Facebook.

Vice President Report: Presented by Dave Love.
 A listing of regular monthly and recurring car gatherings can be found in the
PowerPoint presentation.
 Members are encouraged to sign up for the upcoming “Car &amp; Art
Concourse De Caractere” to be held at the Peace River Botanical Gardens
on January 14, 2024. Sign up deadline is September 30th.
 There will be a car gathering on the lines of a Cars and Coffee, called
“American and European Legends” on October 21 st in Punta Gorda.

 Please see the PowerPoint presentation for further details on all of the
above events.
President’s Report: Presented by Ken Maher. 
 The 4 th quarter edition of “Shark Bites” is completed and can be viewed on
line. Appreciation was expressed to Steve Bieglecki for the wonderful work
he continues to do in editing and publishing the club’s newsletter.
 The proposed club “associate membership” program was explained. Having
received positive responses from club members, a motion to formally
establish the associate membership program was made by Rick Dilella,
seconded by Dave Love, and passed by voice vote.
 Administrative matters were noted, including position descriptions will be
reviewed and the next Leadership Team Meeting is scheduled for October
5 th .
 The club is seeking as many drivers as possible for two upcoming car
auctions, Carlisle, November 10th and 11th in Lakeland and Premier,
December 1 st and 2 nd in Punta Gorda.

Get to Know a member: None 

Now You Know: None

Next Meeting: 

 The October meeting will be on Wednesday 10/11 beginning at 5:30 PM.


 The meeting was adjourned at 6:58 PM.

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