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September 2021 Meeting

September 2021 Meeting

Shark Tooth Sports Car Club
September 8 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Attendees: Ken and Kathy Maher, Ron Wencil, Bill and Dawn Mendes,
Mike and Sandy Connors, Rich Gruenberg, Judy Umbreit, John Gilbert, Bill and
Gayle Jereb, Gary Spinazze, Ed Castro, Rick and June DiLella
Guests: Dave and Bobbi Lytle
Opening Remarks:  
 Ken Maher called the meeting to order.
Special Presentation:  
 Charlie Thorpe of the Venice Police Department spoke to the club regarding
the new police department and things of interest regarding the police
department. The club will get a tour of the facility and a police vehicle in
the near future
Administrative Matters:  
 Mike Connors asked for approval of the August meeting minutes. Bill Jereb
approved and Sandy Connors seconded the motion for approval 
 Bill Mendes stated Ed Cashman and Joyce Wiseman are new members and
that we currently have 14 memberships  
 The website is still under construction. The club is also on Facebook and

 Alex will not be maintaining the website. We will need a member to
volunteer to maintain the website.
 Judy Umbreit volunteered to be the social event coordinator
 2022 elections will be for the Vice President and Treasurer positions. This
will allow for the staggering of board position election years
 The club won’t be pursuing a recruitment drive for new members. The club
wants members to sponsor people they know to become members
 Bill J stated we currently have $1244.00 in our account. Ken is owed
 We have not received anything back from the IRS regarding the 501(c)(7)
application. We will need to continue to pay taxes until the receive
approval from the IRS.  
 Donations via check should be made out to the Louis and Gloria Flanzer
Trust for a donation to the South County Food Pantry. The trust will in turn
double the donation to the food pantry. We will attempt to give a donation
each month
 Cash donations can be given to Ken at the monthly meetings for donations
to the trust and the South County Food Pantry
 As of this meeting we have donated $720.00 to the South County Food
 Ken received letters from the food pantry thanking the club for donations
 Person hygiene items can be given to Judy Umbreit to donate to the
Backpack Angels.
 Ken is getting pricing on hats
 The photo shoot that was cancelled due to weather may be rescheduled in
 Sandy checked with Tropical Punch regarding embroidery. They are willing
to do embroidery
 Name tag orders are currently on hold until we have more members since
there is a minimum order required

Social Events:
 September 18 event chaired by Gary Spinazze will be a detailing seminar at
Sage Auto Studios
 The October event will be chaired by Mark and Sal
 The November event will be chaired by Rick and June
 The December event will be a trip to Rev’s Institute chaired by Ken and
 Dave Love provided a list of local car shows
 9/11 Exotic Cars on the Circle. St. Armand’s
 10/9 St. Armand’s 35 th Annual Jaguar Concours
 10/16 Anna Maria Island
 10/16 Fort Myers. Premium show
 10/23 Bell Tower Corvette and open show
 10/30 Gulf Coast Corvette and open show
 11/6 – Pinellas open show
 Monthly club dinners will be the 3 rd Monday of the month.
 September 14th th – Jerebs at Carmelo’s in Punta Gorda
 October 18 th – Connors
 November 15 th – Spinazze
 December 7 th – Maher ( Cassariano 313 W. Venice Ave.)
 Send Ken your birthday and anniversary information
Now You Know: 
 Rick DiLella provided information on a 1963 Aston Martin that was in the
James Bond movie Goldfinger. The car was stolen in 1997. It now resides
in a collection in the Middle East. The approximate value is $25,000,000.00
Know a member: 
 John Gilbert. John is a retired police officer. John came to Venice 3 ½ years
ago from Colorado. John has 3 children and 1 grandchild. John has a C6

The Jerebs will be the members for know a member in October

Next Meeting: 

Next meeting is October 13th

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