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November 2023 Meeting

November 2023 Meeting

Shark Tooth Sports Car Club
NOVEMBER 8, 2023 Meeting Minutes

STSCC attendees: Ken and Kathy Maher, Dave and Janice Love, Ed Cashman,
Frank and Dorothy Bates, Rick and June Dilella, Frank and Tina Gambino, Rich
Gruenberg, David and Bobbe Lytle, Phil Mannino, Carol Parkinson and Tom
Lupica, Rodney Pennington, Tom Rossi, Al and Joann Royal, Michelle and Bill
St. Clair, Ron and Linda Wencil, Gary Westfall and Margaret Barcelo.

Guest attendees: Ron Bimonte Sr. and Ron Bimonte Jr.

The meeting was called to order at 5:28 PM by club president Ken Maher and
commenced with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Post Meeting Dinner:

 Dinner following the meeting will be held at Valenti’s Ristorante, Venice.

Club Leadership: Presented by Ken Maher.
 It was announced that current VP Dave Love will serve another 2 year term,
commencing January, 2024.

 It was announced that Tom Rossi will become the new Treasurer, replacing
Tom Lupica who had graciously filled the post on an iterum basis, but was
stepping down. Tom Rossi’s 2 year term will commence January 2024.
 Garry and Sara Spinazze will be moving to Colorado for family reasons. Any
member interested in filling the position of Media Relations, which is an
appointed position, please contact Ken Maher.
 Please see the Power Point presentation for a complete listing of all the
current members in both elected and appointed club positions.

Club Partners: Presented by Ken Maher.
 No change. Please see the Power Point presentation for a complete listing
of all current club sponsors.

Membership Director Report: Presented by Ken Maher.
 The club welcomed new members Al and Joann Royal, Skip Ackerman and
Cindy Buckheit, and Michelle and Bill St. Clair. This now brings the club
membership to 28, totaling 56 members and 42 sports cars. The new
members were presented with club insulated tumblers.
 Ken welcomed guests Ron Bimonte Sr. and Jr.
 Personalized name badges are available for purchase for $11.00. Please
contact Bill Mendes to place orders.
 Please see the Membership Director Report in the PowerPoint presentation
for membership details.

Secretary Report: Presented by Ed Cashman.  
 Appreciation was expressed to Janice Love for taking the October 12, 2023
meeting minutes.
 Rick Dilella made a motion to approve the October 12, 2023 meeting
minutes, seconded by Bobbe Lytle and approved by voice vote.

Treasurer Report: Presented by Tom Lupica and Tom Rossi. 
 It was explained how future reports will be displayed in two distinct
factions, “benevolence” and “operating”, as will the “Profit” and “Loss”
 2024 club dues notices will be sent out to all members by Email in
 A handout of the proposed 2024 club budget was provided and details
explained. The club’s financial position remains fiscally sound and is
projected to remain so during 2024.
 A motion to approve the 2024 budget was made by Rick Dilella, seconded
by Ron Wencil and approved by voice vote.
 Please see the Treasurer’s Report in the PowerPoint presentation for
financial details.

Social Events: Presented by Janice Love.

 Janice reviewed recent past club social and dinner events and listed
upcoming events. Please see the PowerPoint presentation for details.
 Janice explained a new random seating procedure to be used during
upcoming monthly dinners. This should help to ensure all attendees have
an opportunity to get to know each other better.
 Ken Maher discussed the plans for the May 11-18, 2024 club road trip
which will include several stops, including the National Corvette Museum in
Bowling Green, KY.
 A Viking River Cruise from Paris to the Swiss Alps from August 3 – 14, 2024
is available for interested club members.
 Please see the Social Events report in the Power Point presentation for all

Social Media: Presented by Ken Maher.
 Please remember to take pictures of members at all events and submit for
use on the club website and social media outlets.

Vice President Report: Presented by Dave Love.

 A listing of regular monthly and recurring car gatherings can be found in the
PowerPoint presentation.
 Dave noted that there is a bit of a lull in car shows during the upcoming
holiday season, however registration opens on December 1 st for the VFC
Vette Together to be held on March 17 th , 2024, and there is the Concours
de Caractere at the Punta Gorda Botanical Gardens on January 14, 2024.
 Please see the PowerPoint presentation for further details on all of the
above events.
President’s Report: Presented by Ken Maher. 
 The upcoming car auctions were noted and all members are encouraged to
participate as drivers for any or all of the dates as their availability allows.
These events provide the club funds which are dispensed to local charities
throughout the year.
 New Tee shirts will be provided to all members who will be driving.
 A request was made for any additional members who can drive cars on
November 28 as “transporters” in preparation for the December 1st and
2nd Premier Car Auction in Punta Gorda.
 Premier Auctions will host a cocktail party on November 30 th which drivers
will be allowed to attend.
 Ken requested feedback from members to gauge if there would be interest
in a road trip sometime in July, 2024 to Charlotte, NC to visit the Charlotte
Motor Speedway and race shops. If interested please contact Ken.
 Members are encouraged to submit articles to Shark Bites editor Steve
Bieglecki for possible inclusion in future newsletters.

 An article on the Hendrick Museum provided by Phil Mannino was given to
 There will be a second tour of the Renn Haus shop on November 30 th .
 Ken handed out and detailed proposed edits to the club’s Constitution,
which were Emailed earlier to all members for their review and
consideration. A motion to approve the proposed edits was made by Bobbe
Lytle, seconded by Frank Gambino and approved by voice vote.
 Ken handed out a copy of the club’s By Laws and detailed proposed edits,
which had been Emailed earlier to members for their consideration. A
motion to approve the proposed edits was made by Tom Rossi, seconded
by Rick Dilella and approved by voice vote.
 A club photo shoot and pizza picnic is planned for February, 2024.
 A visit to Sage Automotive’s new second facility will be scheduled for a
future date.
 The third annual Reserve Car Show and Hoagiefest is planned for March,
 Please see the Power Point for additional details.

Get to Know a Member: Frank and Tina Gambino.
 From Michigan, Frank related an amusing story of how they had come to
acquire their beloved 2004 Corvette C5. Tina had already purchased the car
on her own before informing Frank about a fantastic deal that he would
have to act on fast if he was interested. When he agreed, that provided
Frank the illusion that he had been actively involved in the decision.

Now You Know: Ken Maher.
 Ken explained the meaning of Audi’s four ring logo. Each ring represents
one of the four companies that originally banded together to create Audi’s
predecessor company, Auto Union.

Benevolent Committee: Presented by Ron Wencil.

 Thank you notes were received from Southwest Florida Honor Flights and
Southeastern Guide Dogs for the club’s donations.
 The club’s November donation is to the Venice Police Department Blue
Santa Program. Sergeant Sean Hammett, scheduled to receive the
donation, was unable to be present.
 December’s donation was proposed for the Venice Challenger Field of
Dreams, which provides special needs children with the opportunity to play
baseball. A motion to approve the donation was made by Kathy Maher,
seconded by Gary Westfall, and passed by a voice vote.
 Please see the PowerPoint presentation for further details.

Next Meeting: 

 The December meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 13 December.


 The meeting was adjourned at 6:54 PM.

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