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May 2021 Meeting

May 2021 Meeting

Shark Tooth Sports Car Club
May 12 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Attendees: Ken and Kathy Maher, Gary Spinazze, Bill Mendes and
Dawn Mendes, Mike and Sandy Connors, Rich Gruenberg and Judy Umbreit 
Guests: Mark Eisenberg, Sal Abramo and Alex Nodel of Sage Auto Studios
Opening Remarks:  
 Ken Maher called the meeting to order.
 Visitors Mark Eisenberg and Sal Abramo applied to become members of
the club. They are sponsored by Gary Spinazze
Administrative Matters:  
 Mike Connors asked for approval of the March meeting minutes. Sandy
Connors approved and Dawn Mendes seconded the motion for approval 
 Bill Mendes stated we now have 11 memberships in the club 
 There were 9 suggestions for a tag line for the club. The top 3 were voted
on and the winner was ‘Great rides, great friends’
 Alex from Sage Auto Studios will have a draft website design in a couple of
weeks. Members will be given an opportunity to voice opinions regarding
the web site 

 There is $2152.05 in the bank account at SunTrust. We have not yet
received the credit of $200.00 from SunTrust for meeting the deposit
requirement of $1500.00
 The 501(c)(7) application for the club to be incorporated as a social club is
completed. Ken wrote a personal check to the IRS for $600.00. We can
now ask Time Right to waive the tax on the shirt order.  
 To keep expenses down, no spending will be done by the club until Q1
2022 so that we can grow funds 
 We issued a check for $125.00 to the Louis and Gloria Flanzer Trust for a
donation to the South County Food Pantry. The trust will in turn double the
donation to the food pantry. We will attempt to give a donation each
 Person hygiene items can be given to Judy Umbreit to donate to the
Backpack Angels.
 No updates
Social Events:
 May 15 th to Solomon’s Castle
 June 3rd Don Garlits Museum
 June 24 th The Navy Seal Museum
 The July event will be chaired by the Connors.
 The August event will be chaired by Rich Gruenberg and Judy Umbreit
 The September event will be chaired by Gary Spinazze
 Dave Love sent a list of local car shows
 The Maher’s will host a 4 th of July BBQ at their home
 Alex Nodel will gift a photo shoot at Sage Auto Studio for founding
members of the club
Special Presentation:
 Alex Nodel did a presentation clear bra and ceramic coatings. Alex
explained cost and longevity of each of the options

Now You Know: 
 Ken provided information on the history of gasoline and gas stations 

Know a Member: 
Mike Connors. From Pennsylvania. Married to Sandy. Mike and Sandy met in
high school. Mike worked in IT for G.E. and was transferred to a number of
different locations. Mike and Sandy spent 20 years in Alpharetta, GA before
moving to Venice in 2016. Mike and Sandy have 2 kids. Michael, an Army Ranger
is stationed at Fort Benning, Ga. Erin, an O.R. nurse is in Thomasville, Ga. Mike
retired in 2019. Sandy works for Hudson Insurance as an Underwriter Assistant
and is planning to retire at the end of this year. Mike and Sandy have a 1969
Corvette Sting Ray coupe
 Next Meeting: 

Next meeting is June 9th

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