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March 2023 Meeting

March 2023 Meeting

Shark Tooth Sports Car Club
March 8, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Attendees: Ken and Kathy Maher, Dave and Janice Love, Mike and
Sandy Connors, Tom Lupica and Carol Parkinson, Rick and June DiLella, Tom
and Carol Rossi, Gary Westfall and Margaret Barcelo, Roger and Margo Maple,
Alex D’Angelo, Ed Cashman, Bill and Dawn Mendes, Steve Bieglecki

The meeting was called to order at 5:33 PM by club president Ken Maher and
commenced with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Guest Speaker: No guest speaker was present.

Guests: Peter D’Angelo

Membership Director Report:
- With the addition of new members Frank and Tina Gambino, we currently
have 25 memberships with a total of 50 members and 39 cars.
- Please let Bill Mendes know of any changes to your membership.
- Please see the membership director report in the PowerPoint presentation
for membership details.

Secretary Report:
- A motion to approve the February, 2023 minutes was made by Kathy
Maher and seconded by Janis Love. The minutes were adopted as
- Please see the secretary report in the PowerPoint presentation for details.

Quartermaster Report:
- White Callaway shirts are backordered. The cost of the shirt is $61.00.
- Embroidery is $6.42 for any item a member wishes to have embroidered.
- Please see the Quartermaster Report in the PowerPoint presentation for
shirt and embroidery pricing.

Treasurer Report:
- We currently have $4,822.39 in the bank account, which includes $2,985.00
in the Benevolent fund.
- Please see the treasurers report in the PowerPoint presentation for
financial details.

Social Events:
- 3/14 is the ECHO Global Farm tour hosted by Roger and Margo Maple.
- 3/25 is the Plantation Reserve Car Show/Lunch/Concert hosted by Ken and
Kathy Maher.
- 4/11 is the Mini Golf and lunch hosted by Garry Westfall and Margaret
- 3/20 is the monthly dinner at the Apollonia Grill hosted by Tom and Carol
- Please see the social events report in the PowerPoint presentation for all
upcoming events.

Vice President Report:
- We will not be hosting car shows at Cool Today Park as had been previously
expected. Liability issues have precluded the club’s involvement.
- 3/13 will be the Pelican Pointe Car Show.
- 3/19 will be the Vette Together Car Show at Centennial Park in downtown
- 4/23 will be the Kimal Cares Classic Car Show at the Venice Community
- 5/29 will be the Island Walk Veterans Car Show. This has been designated
as a STSCC show.
- Please see the vice president’s report in the PowerPoint presentation for
complete details on these and additional car shows.

President Report:

- Event hosts should send pictures of the event to be posted to the website.
- The website URL is
- With Mike and Sandy Connors moving to Georgia, Janice Love will assume
the duties of the Quartermaster position and Ed Cashman will assume the
duties of Secretary.
- The club website’s new password is club1.
- Rudy Diaz, service manager of Lamborghini Sarasota is scheduled to speak
at the club’s April 12th meeting.
- The latest edition of Shark Bites will be April 1.
- O’Reilly Auto Parts is a now club sponsor at the $250 Bronze Level.
Members receive a 10% discount on items purchased at the Venice store
- Please see the president’s report in the PowerPoint for additional details.

Benevolent Committee:
- Venice High School student Logan Lang has been selected for the 2023 Club
Scholarship award. She will be studying aerospace engineering.

- The February donation has been made to TWIG Cares. TWIG is a facility
where foster children are provided the opportunity to shop for shoes and
- The committee recommended the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch to receive
the $500.00 March donation. A motion to approve the recommendation
was made by Mike Connors and seconded by Dave Love. The motion was
approved by unanimous voice vote.

Know a member:

- There was no member presentation at this meeting.

Now You Know:
 Ken Maher shared information on the most popular car colors. The most
popular overall car color is: white, and the most popular sports car color:

Next Meeting:

- The April meeting will be on Wednesday 4/12.
- Please arrive at 5:00 PM to view Lamborghini being brought by
Lamborghini Sarasota.


- The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 PM.

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