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June 2021 Meeting

June 2021 Meeting

Shark Tooth Sports Car Club
June 9 Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Attendees: Ken and Kathy Maher, Gary Spinazze, Ron Wencil, Bill and
Dawn Mendes, Bill and Gayle Jereb, Mike and Sandy Connors, Rich Gruenberg,
Judy Umbreit, Dave and Janice Love, Rick and June DiLella 

Guests: Roy Dieterle

Opening Remarks:  
- Ken Maher called the meeting to order.
- Future meetings will be held in the craft room at IslandWalk and the
Venice Library. Meetings will alternate between the sites so that
members will have access to different restaurants each month for the
dinner after the meeting

Administrative Matters:  
- Mike Connors asked for approval of the March meeting minutes. Judy
Umbreit approved and Bill Jereb seconded the motion for approval 
- Bill Mendes stated we now have 12 memberships in the club with 24
members and 12 cars  
- Ken saw a draft website design. Content will now be loaded into the site.
Alex estimated a month for completion. Members will be given an
opportunity to voice opinions regarding the web site
- The club now has an Instagram account with the name ‘sharktoothcarclub’ 

- Bill Jereb and Ken will be going to the bank to add Bill as a signatory on the
- There is $2248.00 in the bank account at SunTrust. We have not yet
received the credit of $200.00 from SunTrust for meeting the deposit
requirement of $1500.00
- We received the invoice for $1167.00 from Time Right for the club shirt order
- The IRS sent Ken a letter stating they received the 501(c)(7) application. If
all the information is correct, we will hear back from the IRS in
approximately 2 months.  
- To keep expenses down, no spending will be done by the club until Q1
2022 so that we can grow funds 
- We issued a check for $30.00 to the Louis and Gloria Flanzer Trust for a
donation to the South County Food Pantry. The trust will in turn double the
donation to the food pantry. We will attempt to give a donation each month
- Cash donations can be given to Ken at the monthly meetings for donations
to the trust and the South County Food Pantry
- Person hygiene items can be given to Judy Umbreit to donate to the Backpack Angels.

- Ken ordered shirts for Rick &amp; June and Dave &amp; Janice
- Ken is open to suggestions for items to purchase
- Name tag orders are currently on hold until we determine if there is enough interest
- It was suggested that we order a club banner &amp; flag. Club members could
each contribute to the cost since we are trying not to use the funds in the bank
- Bill Mendes will investigate vendors for the banner, flag and window decals

Social Events:
- May 15th to Solomon’s Castle. Bill Mendes led the event. 3 cars and 4
members participated
- June 3rd Don Garlits Museum. Ken led the event. 4 members participated
- June 24th The Navy Seal Museum
- The Maher’s will host a 4th of July BBQ at their home
- The July event will be a tour of the Braves spring training stadium on July
27th. The event will be chaired by the Connors. $25.00 per ticket fore
seniors. Includes lunch at the stadium
- The August event will be chaired by Rich Gruenberg and Judy Umbreit. The
event will be mini golf at Top Stroke in Fort Myers. Cost is $13.00 for senior
and veterans. There is a restaurant on site
- The September event will be chaired by Gary Spinazze
- The October event will be chaired by the DiLella’s
- Dave Love sent a list of local car shows
- Club members showed an interest in having a monthly dinner. Ken will poll
the membership to find the best day of the month to have the dinners.

Special Presentation:
- Ken reviewed a list of the 62 cars that he has had over 49 years

Now You Know: 
- Ken provided information on Henry Ford buying a forest to be able to have
wood to make his cars. Also, how Ford sold his coal business to Kingsford
and now Kingsford is the premier charcoal business for grilling
- Judy did a presentation on horsepower and how the term horsepower
came about.

Know a Member: 
- Judy Umbreit and Rich Gruenberg.

o Judy is from the upper peninsula of Michigan and later moved to
Milwaukee. She worked for a few companies and then got a job
with GE Medical Systems. Judy traveled the US as well as Europe
and Asia.
o Rich is from Wisconsin. He owned a carry out chicken and pizza
restaurant. Later Rich owned an ice cream shop. He met Judy at the
ice cream shop. Rich’s uncle taught him the painting business,
which he did until 2012 when a hand injury forced him out of the
painting business

Next Meeting: 

Next meeting is July 14th at Marina Park in Venice. We will have the meeting
followed by professional photos being taken of members cars

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