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February 2023 Meeting

February 2023 Meeting

Shark Tooth Sports Car Club
February 8, 2023 Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Attendees: Ken and Kathy Maher, Dave and Janice Love, Mike and Sandy Connors, Phil and Denise Mannino, Tom Lupica and Carol Parkinson, Rich Gruenberg, Gary Spinazze, Rick and June DiLella, Ron and Linda Wencil, Tom Rossi, Gary Westfall, Dave and Bobbe Lytle, Roger and Margo Maple, Steve Iannone, Alex D’Angelo, Michael and Cristina Papson

Guest Speaker: No guest speaker was present.
Guests: Frank and Tina Gambino

Ken Maher called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM.

Membership Director Report:  
- We currently have 24 memberships with a total of 48 members and 38 cars.
- Please let Bill Mendes know of any changes to your membership.
Please see the membership director report in the PowerPoint presentation for membership details.

Secretary Report:  
- The club received letters from the South County Food Pantry for our donation of $60.00 and the Flanzer
- Trust that they would match our donation to the Food Pantry bringing the donation to $120.00
- A motion was made to approve the November minutes. Rick DiLella approved, and Gary Westfall seconded the motion.
Please see the secretary report in the PowerPoint presentation for details.

Quartermaster Report: 
- White Callaway shirts are backordered. The cost of the shirt is $61.00
- Embroidery is $6.42 for any item a member wishes to have embroidered.
Please see the Quartermaster Report in the PowerPoint presentation for shirt and embroidery pricing.

Treasurer Report: 
- We currently have $6115.33 in the bank account.
Please see the treasurers report in the PowerPoint presentation for financial details.

Social Events:
- Carlisle Auto Auction in Lakeland on 2/10 and 2/11. The club receives a check for $750.00 for providing drivers.
- 2/28 is the Venice Police Department tour
- 3/25 is the Reserve Car Show at the Plantation from 1:00 – 4:00
- Please see the social events report in the PowerPoint presentation for all upcoming events

Vice President Report:
- We will host car shows at Cool Today Park in April and May. We will take the summer off and resume the shows in the fall
- 5/29 will be the Veterans of IslandWalk Car Show
Please see the vice president report in the PowerPoint presentation for complete details on car shows

President Report:  
- Event hosts should send pictures of the event to be posted to the website
- The website URL is
- We will have a leadership opening for Secretary and Quartermaster as Mike and Sandy Connors will be relocating to Georgia. Janice Love volunteered to take over the Quartermaster position.
- The 2023 club website password is club1
See the PowerPoint presentation for details

Benevolent Committee:  
- A motion was made to approve the charter of the committee. Dave Love approved and Mike Connors seconded the motion.
- February donation will be made to Twig. Twig is a facility for foster kids to be able to shop for shoes and clothing. A motion was made to approve the donation. Kathy Maher approved and Sandy Connors seconded the motion. The club voted unanimously to approve the donation.

Know a member: 
- Steve and Michelle Lannone will present in March

Now You Know: 
Dave Love reported that in the 1920s the head of the Prohibition Regulatory Organization stated he could go to any city and find alcohol in less than 30 minutes. Below are the cities he went to and how long it took him to find alcohol
Chicago – 20 minutes
Atlanta – 17 minutes
New Orleans – 30 seconds

Next Meeting: 
The March meeting will be on Wednesday 3/8

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