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August 2022 Meeting

August 2022 Meeting

Shark Tooth Sports Car Club
August 10 Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Attendees: Ken and Kathy Maher, Bill Jereb, Mike and Sandy Connors, Alex D’Angelo, Tom Rossi, Rich Gruenberg and Judy Umbreit, Roger and Margo Maple, Phil and Denise Mannino, Michael and Cristina Papson, Rick and June DiLella, Gary Westfall and Margaret Barcelo, Ron and Linda Wencil, Dave and Bobbe Lytle, Tom Lupica and Carol Parkinson

Guests: No guests were present at this meeting

President Report:  
- Ken Maher called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM
- Event hosts should send pictures of the event to be posted to the website
- The website URL is
- We will not have a guest speaker until more members can be present at the meeting
- There will be a club photo shoot and picnic at the Venice boat ramp on October 6th. Pizza will be provided.
- The inaugural edition of the club’s newsletter, Shark Bites is set to be published on October 1st.
- Club sponsorship levels, inclusive of what each level provide the sponsor have been set. Gold level will be $1,000, Silver $500 and Bronze $250. We will not begin soliciting sponsorships until after our newsletter, Shark Bites, is published in October, as part of the value proposition of being a sponsor is being able to advertise in the newsletter.
- Please see the President report in the PowerPoint presentation for details

Guest Presenter:  
- No guest presenter at this meeting

Secretary Report:  
- A motion was made to approve the July minutes. Bill Jereb approved and Judy Umbreit seconded the motion
- Please see the Secretary report in the PowerPoint presentation for details

Membership Director Report:  
- Carol Parkinson & Tom Lupica were introduced as a new membership to the club.
- We currently have 26 memberships with a total of 52 members and 40 cars.
- Please let Bill Mendes know of any changes to your membership
- Please see the Membership Director report in the PowerPoint presentation for membership details

Treasurer Report: 
- We currently have $2,897.49 in the bank account.
- Please see the Treasurers report in the PowerPoint presentation for financial details

Quartermaster Report: 
- Please see the Quartermaster Report in the PowerPoint presentation for shirt and embroidery pricing

Social Events:
- August 6 – August 13, 2023 there will be a Viking Cruise on the Danube River. Please see Ken’s e-mail and the PowerPoint for details
- Please see the Social Events report in the PowerPoint presentation for upcoming events

Vice President Report:
Please see the Vice President report in the PowerPoint presentation for complete details on upcoming car shows

Now You Know: 
- Bill Jereb presented information on the Interstate Highway formation and numbering system
Ken Maher provided a picture of the proposed new Corvette E-Ray chassis complete with an electric engine in the front, large batteries in the center and a differential in the rear.

Know a member: 
- Gary Westfall and Margaret Barcelo. Gary is originally from upstate NY and Margaret is from Tampa. Gary got his first sports car when he was 18. It was a 1964 Corvette. He has had a number of Corvettes. Gary and Margaret now have a Maserati. He worked for Firestone and Goodyear. They currently live in Grand Palm.

Phil and Denise Mannino will present at the September meeting
Carol Parkinson and Tom Lupica will present at the October meeting

Next Meeting:
- The September meeting will be moved to Tuesday, September 13th. As the City of Venice needs the meeting room during our normal time slot.

Meeting adjourned at 6:25 PM. Members proceeded to Valenti’s for dinner.

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