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August 2021 Meeting

August 2021 Meeting

Shark Tooth Sports Car Club
August 11 Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Attendees: Ken and Kathy Maher, Ron Wencil, Bill and Dawn Mendes,
Mike and Sandy Connors, Rich Gruenberg, Judy Umbreit, Dave and Janice
Love, John and Diane Gilbert, Mark Eisenberg and Sal Abramo, Bill and Gayle

Guests: Ed Castro

Opening Remarks:  
- Ken Maher called the meeting to order.
Administrative Matters:  
- Mike Connors asked for approval of the June meeting minutes. Bill Jereb
approved and Judy Umbreit seconded the motion for approval 
- Bill Mendes stated we have 12 memberships in the club. Alex Nodel of Sage Auto Studios will be our 13th member  
- We have a draft of the website. It’s currently password protected. Once
the site is operational, the site will be open to the public, except for the
membership list which will be password protected.
- Alex will not be maintaining the website. We will need a member to
volunteer to maintain the website.
- Judy Umbreit volunteered to be the social event coordinator

- Ken stated we currently have $131.00 in our account.
- We have not received anything back from the IRS regarding the 501(c)(7)
application. We will need to continue to pay taxes until the receive
approval from the IRS.  
- We are still being very cautious about spending until after Q1 2022 so that
we can grow funds 
- Donations via check should be made out to the Louis and Gloria Flanzer
Trust for a donation to the South County Food Pantry. The trust will in turn
double the donation to the food pantry. We will attempt to give a donation
each month
- Cash donations can be given to Ken at the monthly meetings for donations
to the trust and the South County Food Pantry
- Ken received letters from the food pantry thanking the club for donations
- Person hygiene items can be given to Judy Umbreit to donate to the
Backpack Angels.
- Bill Mendes presented the club banner
- Ken is open to suggestions for items to purchase. Some suggestions were
ball caps, a hat with a brim (ex: Greg Norman golf hat), and a lightweight
quarter zip pullover jacket
- Sandy will check with Tropical Punch to see if they are willing to do
- Name tag orders are currently on hold until we have more members since
there is a minimum order required
- Window decals also have a minimum order of 250, so decals will not be
ordered at this time. Bill Mendes suggested creating a card with the Shark
Tooth Sports Car Club logo that can be placed on the dashboard

Social Events:
- July 17th lunch at Navigators
- July 27th lunch at Lock and Key. The game at the Braves stadium was
- July 31st Sage Coffee and Cars
- August 14th golf at Top Stroke was changed to bowling due to bad weather
- The September event will be chaired by Gary Spinazze
- The October event will be chaired by Mark and Sal
- The November event will be chaired by Rick and June
- Dave Love provided a list of local car shows
- 8/21 Harbor Freight cruise in
- 8/22 Cars &amp; Coffee at Publix on the island
- 9/11 Exotic Cars on the Circle. St. Armand’s
- 10/9 St. Armand’s 35th Annual Jaguar Concours
- 10/16 Anna Maria Island
- 10/16 Fort Myers. Premium show
- 10/23 Bell Tower Corvette and open show
- 10/30 Gulf Coast Corvette and open show
- 11/6 – Pinellas open show
- Monthly club dinners will be the 3rd Monday of the month. The first one
will be August 16th hosted by the Love’s.
- September 20th – Jereb
- October 18th – Connors
- November 15th – Spinazze
- December 7th – Maher ( Cassariano 313 W. Venice Ave.)
- Send Ken your birthday and anniversary information

Now You Know: 
- Dave Love provided information on how the Yankee Candle Company
started. Wayne Carini was taking car of a friend’s father’s car collection.
His friend always wanted a Jaguar. He started making candles and made
enough to buy the Jaguar (62 XKE). He stopped making candles. After
some time, he found he could not afford to maintain the Jaguar. He
started making candles again his business became The Yankee Candle

Know a member: 
- Mark Eisenberg and Sal Abramo.

- Mark is from New York and is a psychologist. His interest in cars
started at age 14 with his uncle’s TR4. He has owned a Triumph, Fiat
convertible, Datsun 240Z, 6 Mazda Miata’s, corvette, and now a Porsche Boxster
- Sal is from Boston. Left Boston in 2009 for Florida. Moved to
IslandWalk in 2014. Sal has a Havanese named Cujo
- The Gilberts will be the members for know a member in September

Next Meeting: 
- Next meeting is September 8th

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