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April 2023 Meeting

April 2023 Meeting

Shark Tooth Sports Car Club
April 12, 2023 Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Attendees: Ken and Kathy Maher, Dave and Janice Love, Mike and
Sandy Connors, Tom Lupica and Carol Parkinson, Tom and Carol Rossi, Gary
Westfall and Margaret Barcelo, Alex D’Angelo, Ed Cashman, Bill Mendes, Steve
and Darlene Bieglecki, Frank and Tina Gambino, Rich Gruenberg, David and
Bobbe Lytle, Phil Mannino, Rodney and Linda Pennington, Gary Spinazze, Ron
and Linda Wencil.

The meeting was called to order at 5:22 PM by club president Ken Maher and
commenced with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Post Meeting Dinner: Dinner following the meeting will be held at
BrewBurgers Back Porch.

Guest Speaker: The originally scheduled guest speaker was not present.

Club Leadership: It was announced that Ron Wencil, Benevolent Committee
Chairman and Steve Bieglecki, Newsletter Editor have been added to Club
Leadership positions.

Club Partners: Sutherline Automotive (Nissan &amp; Genesis) has signed on to be Gold
level club sponsors for 2023 and 2024. Please see Power Point presentation for
complete listing of all current club sponsors.

Membership Director Report: Presented by Bill Mendes.

- There were no guests at tonight’s meeting.
- New members Frank and Tina Gambino were welcomed to the club.
- The club currently has 25 memberships/50 members and 39 cars.
- A final call was announced for anyone still interested in ordering a name
- Please see the Membership Director Report in the PowerPoint presentation
for membership details.

Secretary Report: Presented by Mike Conners.  
- A motion to approve the March 8, 2023 minutes as posted on the website
was made by Steve Bieglecki and seconded by Rick Dilella. The minutes
were adopted as submitted.
- Please see the Secretary Report in the PowerPoint presentation for details.

Quartermaster Report: Presented by Sandy Connors.
- All shirt orders are presently up to date.
- Please see the Quartermaster Report in the PowerPoint presentation for
shirt and embroidery pricing.

Treasurer Report: Presented by Tom Lupica. 
- The club currently has a total of $6,570.08 in the bank account, which
includes $2,785.00 in the Benevolent fund.
- Please see the Treasurers Report in the PowerPoint presentation for
financial details.

Social Events: Presented by Ken Maher.
- A brief review of recently completed events was provided, including a video
of the Premier Car Auction for which some members of the club
participated as drivers.
- 5/23 is the Dolphin Watching boat excursion hosted by Rodney and Linda
- 6/7 is the Sarasota Classic Cars Museum tour hosted by Ron and Linda
- Please see the Social Events report in the PowerPoint presentation for all
upcoming events.
- When sponsoring an upcoming event, the form needed to provide all the
required information is now on the web site under the Admin header.
- As a help, a listing made from club member suggestions of possible social
events is posted on the web site.

Social Media:
- Please see the PowerPoint presentation for information on how to follow
the club on Instagram and Facebook as well as reminders for best photo
taking options.

Vice President Report: Presented by Dave Love.
- 4/23 will be the Kimal Cares Classic Car Show at the Venice Community
- 5/29 will be the Island Walk Veterans Car Show which the club is helping to
sponsor. This has been designated as a STSCC show and all members are
encouraged to consider entering their cars.
- A brief explanation was provided on how car shows operate, what to
expect, and how to prepare a car for most local area shows.
- Upcoming car show signup sheets will now be available at all club meetings.
- Members are encouraged to volunteer to be a “captain”, i.e. point of
contact, for a show thereby coordinating the event with other participating
club members.

- A link was provided to a video on You Tube for those interested in watching
a clip produced by Dan Fisher on club member Ed Cashman’s cars.
- Please see the Vice President’s report in the PowerPoint presentation for
details on these and additional car shows.

President Report: Presented by Ken Maher. 
- Quarterly Club Leadership meeting was held on March 13th.
- It has been agreed that more information should be readily available to
new club members.
- The size of the club will be capped at 30 memberships (60 members), to
retain its close-knit interaction among members.
- When planning social events, members are encouraged to be creative. The
club is always available to members for help.
- The May club meeting will be a combined meeting with the Target Masters
gun club for the presentation of both clubs scholarship awards.
- The next car photo shoot and picnic is planned for May 24 th , at the Venice
boat launch location.
- Please see the President’s report in the PowerPoint for additional details.

Benevolent Committee: Presented by Ron Wencil. 
- A thank you letter from the Florida Sheriffs Ranch for our March donation
was read.
- Logan Lang, recipient of the club’s 2023 scholarship award, will speak at the May 10th meeting.
- Venice Area Mobile Meals was recommended as the recipient for the April
donation of $500.00. A motion to approve was made by Mike Connors, seconded by Dave Love and approved with unanimous consent.
- A procedural change in order to continue to obtain matching funds from
the Flanzer organization for our donations was explained.

Get to Know a member: 

- Rodney and Linda Pennington shared how they met, their enjoyment of
travel, and their interest in cars over the years.

Now You Know: 
- Rick Dilella shared information and specifications for the upcoming
Corvette model, which can be summarized as it will be very fast.

Next Meeting: 
- The May meeting will be on Wednesday 5/10 beginning at 5:30 PM.

- The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 PM.

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