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April 2021 Meeting

April 2021 Meeting

Shark Tooth Sports Car Club
April 21 Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Attendees: Ken and Kathy Maher, Bill and Gayle Jereb, Gary
Spinazze,  Bill Mendes, Mike and Sandy Connors, Rich Gruenberg, Judy
Umbreit, John Gilbert.  

Guests: Rick and June Dlella, Dave Hayes 

Opening Remarks:  
- Ken Maher called the meeting to order.
- Election of officers in 2022 will be staggered so that all board positions are
not up for election at the same time 

Administrative Matters:  
- Mike Connors asked for approval of the March meeting minutes. Gary
Spinazze approved and Bill Jereb seconded the motion for approval 
- Bill Mendes stated we know have 10 memberships in the club 
- Ken received a lot of input on a tag line for the club. Ken will send out the
tag lines and ask each member to vote on their top 3 tag lines
- Ken spoke to Alex from Sage auto regarding the web site design. Alex will
proceed with designing a web site for the club 

- All members have paid their membership dues 
- There is $2055.00 in the bank account at SunTrust. SunTrust will credit the
club account with $200.00 for meeting the deposit requirement of
- The dollars from the shirt order are currently in the account
- Ken Maher and Bill Jereb will be signatories for the account ∙ Account
allows for 5 transactions per month. Once we have $1,500.00  deposited,
SunTrust will deposit 200.00. 
- To keep expenses down, no spending will be done by the club until Q1
2022 so that we can grow funds 
- For anyone wishing to donate money to the South County Food pantry,
checks can be made out to the Louis and Gloria Flanzer Trust. The trust will
in turn double the donation to the food pantry. The memo line on the
check must state South County Food Pantry
- Judy Umbreit gave an update on the Backpack Angels. As a reminder,
members can donate personal hygiene items by bringing them to the
meeting and giving them to Judy

- A motion was made that any member not wearing a club shirt to meetings
will pay a $5.00 penalty. Gary Spinazze contributed the first $5.00
- Name badges are $10.00. We need a minimum order of 25 name badges to
proceed with an order

Social Events:
- The trip to the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing on April 1 st has been
- April 3 rd BBQ at Sage Auto was held. Sage gave a tour of their 3 bays for
performing work. Hamburgers and chicken were supplied by Sage for
- There was no interest in the Barrett Jackson trip
- Bill Mendes will be chairing the May social event.
- The June event will probably be the Revs museum in Naples
- Need a volunteer to lead an event in July
- Dave Love sent a list of local car shows
- If anyone is interested in leading an event, please send an email to the
membership to gauge club interest.

Special Presentation:
- Ken Maher presented detail information regarding car insurance and the
difference between your every day car insurance and collector car

Now You Know: 
- Ken told the story of the 55 Tbird trunk and golf clubs not fitting in the
trunk. For 1956 all Tbirds had a Continental kit added from the factory so
that golf clubs could fit in the trunk. In 1957, the trunk was made large
enough to hold golf clubs without a Continental kit. 

Know a Member: 
- Bill Mendes. From Massachusetts. Married to Dawn. Bill’s family operated
a beverage business. They distributed name brand beverages. Bill spent
25 years in the business. Bill moved on to be a graphical designer. Bill
designed the Bloody Mary mix label for the Cheers bar in Boston. Was
president of the local corvette club. Moved to Venice 2 ½ years ago. Bill
and Dawn are members of Selby Gardens and the Sarasota Arts Center.

Next Meeting:  
- Next meeting is May 12 th

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